Monday, September 26, 2011

Why hello there!

Hello World! After many months of contemplating this gig, I decided it was a risk worth taking...I mean, come on, it's not like it can harm anything! It's risk involved!

Yes, I am a hooker...haha. So there's a little bit of background to this story of how I became a hooker. It all started with this wee little miracle. My daughter, K, started this whole adventure. And now you're all wondering how someone who has a new baby has the time to come up with a new hobby...well 28 weeks into my pregnancy, she made a threat to come into this world. As a former NICU nurse, this scared the daylights out of me. This little stinker landed me in the hospital...for 4 weeks!! Needless to say, after three days of watching movies, reading books, doing suduko, updating our personal blog, making a new playlist on iTunes, browsing through at least 15 magazines (all in 3 days, remember) I decided I needed to figure out something else to do or I was going to go stir crazy and this baby would come sooner or later! Not wanting to deliver a baby that early, I started coming up with ideas of what I could do.

Scrapbooking: too many supplies to haul to the hospital
Writing: write what?!? a novel...give me a break!
Meditating: hard to do with frequent interruptions in the hospital
Reading: already tried that...couldn't keep myself in a book 18 hours a day
Knitting: I've heard it's somewhat unforgiving and I didn't need anything that could cause frustration (frusration = stress = more conractions)

Which leaves me with crocheting. All I could think of is the crazy mom who has her projects with games, choir concerts, road trips...dorky! Well, I weighed the pros and cons of all of my options and decided crocheting would be the best. So I called my sister-in-law and asked her to stop and get some yarn and a hook.

After watching almost all of the Art of Crocheting by Theresa ( videos on youtube, I was somewhat getting it...but not really! Then as luck would have it, one of my night nurses knew how to crochet and showed me how! So after calling her a few times when I got stuck, it started to click. And so my hooking adventure began!! My doctors would laugh when they came to round and would always go over to my collection and see what was new.

I think the funniest part was when I actually had my daughter and was up on the post-partum floor. I put one of the hats I made on my daughter and was taking pictures. My nurse came in and asked where I got the hat. I told her I made it and she immediately said, "Oh, are you the mom that was on high risk OB that learned how to crochet during your stay?" Who would have thought, 10 weeks later, on a completely different floor, I had been talked about! Ha ha!!

So because I got started on free patterns, I thought I would start a blog of my own to pass along the new patterns I have created on my own.

Oh blog name...of course it has a story  behind it! Since I started learning how to do this when I was in the hospital, I felt it was appropriate to use my room number somehow...hence the 3507. KJ are my daughter's initials...she's the reason I got started with this new hobby, so I felt it was important to include her somehow. And inspirations...well, if it wasn't for a high risk pregnancy, hospitalization and lots of motivation...this wouldn't have happened. So I came up with KJ 3507 Inspirations...have fun and happy hooking!

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