Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

I made this hat for a friend of mine who is due any day!
For a quick pattern, make your favorite basic earflap hat.
For the antlers: Magic Circle, 5 sc in circle, Rd 2, 2 sc in each stitch, rows 3-however long you want your antlers, 1 sc in each
Make another one except shorter and attach to side.
For the ears: Magic Circle, 8 sc in the circle, Rd 2, 2 sc in each sc, Rd 3, 1 sc then 2 sc in next. Fold in half and stitch next to antlers
For eyes: Magic Circle, 4sc in circle, Rd 2, 2 sc in each. Make two and attach


  1. thank you - this is adorable and you do the same thing I do - all my hats are the same pattern except for the "extra's" like antlers. I'm glad I found you and plan to follow you now