Monday, October 8, 2012

Really, I mean...REALLY?!?

So our daycare is closed due to sick kids. Not a big deal...we split the day. I took the morning, my husband took the afternoon. After a crazy afternoon at the clinic (I'm a nurse, BTW), I head home. Walk in the door to find my little man laying on the couch with a small gash on his forehead.
So the convo went something like this:
Me: "What happened? How big is the cut? I need to look at it (it was covered with a bandaid). Do we need to take him in? When did this happen? Why didn't you call?"
Husband: "He ran into a car mirror when he was trying to scoot me in the parking lot. No big deal, it's not that big."
So I finally get the bandaid off my son's forehead and it's no small cut. Enough that I know it needs either glue or stitches. And because I told him that, he's annoyed with me. Really, I mean, REALLY?!?! I'm a peds nurse for pete's sake! I've seen my fair share of head lacerations and this one probably isn't going to heal up nicely on it's own without having a huge scar. It needed some glue.
So I take him to Acute Care after supper, only to get the cold shoulder and attitude from my husband. I wasn't mad that it happened while he was watching the kids, because it could have happened to either of us. I'm not mad that he didn't call and let me know (ok, so maybe just a tad upset...but not mad!). But a simple phone call and picture would have helped me to figure out what to do and where to go, rather than get home, be surprised by this and head into Acute Care. So who knows why he's actually pissy about the whole thing, but he is. 
(BTW, anytime I watch Dancing with the Stars,which I'm doing right now...I really wish I could have had the opportunity to pursue the dancing I wanted to...except my parents didn't want to drive 15 miles, so I didn't get to...that's a whole story in itself!)
So now i have a 5 year old with a glued forehead, a husband who is pissed that I undermined him and a load of laundry to fold...oh, and a daycare that is going to be closed AGAIN tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day, right?!?! 

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